Surprisingly good. Whimsical and sweet, a fantasy rom-com
13 August 2006
Given the bad press this movie had gotten, I expected a dreary mess. As it was, I was pleasantly surprised. This was a GOOD MOVIE!!! This was really a sweet, goofy, and nice little movie. Not great art, true. But it did have some laughs, some excitement. Moreover, it also had a bit of 'meaning'. That might spell death for a screwball comedy--- but nonetheless I appreciated the fact that I was somewhat gratified by the ending. Uma Thurman is known for being a hottie, and a great actress, whether in serious or comedic roles. Anna Farris, of the Scary Movie series, also proves herself to be not only a cutie and a babe, but a fine actress as well. Luke Wilson is mellowing and maturing into some great work these days too. This ain't Shakespeare, folks--- it's just a comedy. With some color, some sex, a bit of humor. But that's all it was meant to be. I think the critics were overly harsh on this movie. Dunno why. Oh well. Make up your own mind, then... check it out. If you are in the mood for a laugh, you'll get your five quid's worth of entertainment.
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