Ben 10 (2005–2008)
excellent show
6 July 2006
I was flipping channels when I saw this show. I'll admit what caught my eye was Gwen: she's pretty cute/good looking for a cartoon girl. She was the original reason I wanted to start watching this show. And if you think I have nothing better to do, no I don't and before you start making fun of me for that whether I see a good looking real girl or cartoon girl makes no difference-I see a good looking girl and that's that, real or not. That said, when I started watching this show, it caught on to me that this was a really good show: currently it is my favorite show on TV right now. Everything else is so overrated. The characters are nicely designed (Gwen's hot and Four Arms reminds me of myself-the way he talks and acts) and it's just a good show. The concept is very original and you don't have to be a kid in middle school to enjoy it. This like 30 year old guy I know said it was good when I told him about it. So give Ben 10 a chance. I did and now it's one of my main interests. 10/10. Better than teen titans.
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