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Ben 10 (2005–2008)
The evilest road trip EVER.
4 June 2006
Is it just me, or do villains pop out everywhere Ben and his family travel to? Arizona? Lightning aliens! Old folks home? More evil aliens! New Orleans? Necromancers! Suburbs? Evil geek! Circus? Evil clowns! Well, clowns are always evil. But in any case, it seems that bad guys either follow Ben around, or show up conveniently when he shows up. And most of the time the bad guys aren't in anyway affiliated with the main alien enemies trying to get the Omnitrix back. It's the same most episodes. Bad guys with unexplained superpowers show up, Ben fights them. WITH HIS 10 YEAR OLD COUSIN AND GRANDFATHER. You'd think a person with 10 varied superpowers could handle this with out putting elderly and young family members in mortal peril. But I guess not. It's the villain-of-the-week formula, people. It's unoriginal and (in this case) jagged in plot structure.

What this show desperately needs is some plot cohesion. The action is pretty good, Ben (as a character) has a lot of potential. The back story involving his grandfather is interesting. The main alien antagonist is a good villain. But all of this is hampered by writing that never stays on one subject. Coming of age story? That could work. Coming of age story one episode... PSYCHO FISHERMEN NEXT EPISODE! Not so much. If this show could give reasons for the various super-powered fiends (and not just HAY LOOK AT DEEZ BAD GUYZ!!!1), then at least I could get into it. But how can you when each episode is completely random and pointless? They've managed to do this with other shows. There's a reason the good guys fight and a reason behind the bad guys. The Teen Titans live in a world of super-powered beings. That's why the bad guys are super-powered. In Ben 10, Ben just seems to go with the flow. Travel on summer vacation? Bad guys on the way? Sure, why not. There's no motivation, no logic, no reason.

This show could be SOO much better if the writers, I don't now, picked up a book? Watched The Godfather? I understand a Saturday morning cartoon can only do so much, but it just seems like the writers are lazy.
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