A pleasant surprise !
29 April 2006
I was getting ready to trash ice age : the melt down. Since the first film was so self contained, there was no real need for a sequel (besides the need for more money ) and this review seemed like a perfect opportunity to chastise the greed of big film studios.

Well after watching the film i can report that they'll be no ranting here- Ice age 2 is a pleasantly entertaining and funny film with with some stunning character animation.Much like the original , ice age 2 meanders along a series of set pieces and visual gags and doesn't out stay its welcome. Fan favourite scrat the squirrel returns for more hilarious, futile attempts to get his elusive nut and there are some clever innuendos for grown ups.

However while its entertaining, it has the same problems of the original (a: its a bit too safe b: Its very predictable ) with the addition of some new ones- namely the new characters .Not only are the new characters not interesting but the possum brothers both reach a scrappy doo level of annoyance.

Ice age : the melt down is a cash in for sure, but its a funny and entertaining one .
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