Correcting Some False Info Included In Other Comments
4 June 2005
While reading other comments on this film, let me clear up some inaccurate info, This was not Steve Guttenberg's film debut, that would have been an (uncredited, but clearly there) role as a delivery FBI assistant in the film "Rollercoaster" which premiered about four months before "Chicken Chronicles".

Regarding this as Phil Silver's last role, False again, this film was out in 1977, in 1980 Phil played a wheel-chair bound, film studio owner in the film "Happy Hooker Goes Hollywood" which also starred Adam West, and Richard Deacon.

I saw this film at the theater in the fall of 1977, and found the home video in 1987. The film's funny, and has a good soundtrack including several Classics IV, and Canned Heat songs. (By the way there is a soundtrack to it, which I found on a trip to Chicago in the early 80's).

I feel a PG rating is pretty liberal (especially for 1977), even though there's not many four-letter words, the sex themes, and drug use, should warrant it an R (for that time), this is probably why the industry invented the PG-13, probably not R, but definitely not PG either.
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