...I will never see another James Bond movie again!
2 June 2003
I have been a die-hard fan of J.B. since I saw my first real Bond movie in 1979, "Moonraker". No- Roger Moore is NOT James Bond (never was either), but Pierce Brosnan IS! "Goldeneye" had some promise, followed by "Tomorrow Never Dies". But the last two installments get worse and worse with age. But that is the issue here- AGE! James Bond is old and tired, and just needs to retire!

The creators have used up every plotline, every gadget, every villian, etc. Now they have invisible cars, machines that reconfigure one's face & body perfectly, surfing commandos, etc? Now, why was it that they fired Bond in this one? And was that hotel really supposed to be made of ice? Weren't J.B. and chickeroo cold when they had sex? Do you think they even did? And wasn't Toby Stephens a menacing bad guy? HA-HA! Did Maculay Culkin grow up and take this part for free? And is this now tailored to fit in the Generation Y audience now? They'd rather see Vin Diesel in that movie last year than this old fart. Oh- but it has Halle Berry!

And I've seen better dialogue in the new Star Wars movies than this!

My bad! Sorry guys!

This was plain stupid and a disgrace to the James Bond legacy.
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