Chuck & Buck (2000)
a rotten "film"...
21 April 2003
I rented this movie about a year ago, thinking that I was really missing out on such a "critically acclaimed" film. I didn't, and the ninety-odd minutes were the longest I had that whole weekend. The clerk at the video store who rented to me even gave me a funny look. Now I know why.

Mike White is possibly a talented screenwriter, but he wrote a piece of dreck that is implausible, unsettling, and not very fun to watch. My guess that it received so much appraisal is because the critics had nothing else to give props to. Either way, the main character is grotesquely creepy and ugly; the high-definition picture looks more like I am watching a home movie or a bootlegged tape and is distracting/annoying. Buck is not a nice guy, and I don't know if he's sick, retarded, depressed, or all three. And then the nursery rhymes over the soundtrack gave it more eerie.

Another reason why I'm so vehement about this movie is because I met an old friend from high school a couple of years ago and he hadn't changed, whereas I did. Very similar to the paradox between Chuck and Buck. He was also kind of creepy and weird, very much like Buck. So this one came too close to home.

Either way, a waste of talent, time, actors, and videotape.

Lay off this- get the ""Virgin Suicides" instead.
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