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Traffic (2000)
SO overrated !!!
7 November 2002
Why does everybody think that Steven Soderbergh is a cinematic God? True: he IS more versatile than he was when he started, and his ability to take risks has enabled him to be where he is now. I think Soderbergh's film here was well-made; an excellent ensemble consisting of Douglas, Zeta-Jones, Cheadle, Guzman, and co.; but for something like this to be nominated for best picture? Me thinks that it's because this movie was released in December. It's an excellent documentary, but this is not a film that inspires hope-- it inspires despair instead. I guess what Soderbergh is trying to convey is, "if drugs were legalized, then we wouldn't have this sort of violence and anguish that I have shown you for the last two-and-a-half hours...See?"

Well, that's an opinion, but legalizing drugs is like letting loose a box full of rattlesnakes on a playground.

Perhaps he can handle his drugs, but I know a lot of people who can't.

Maybe HE should watch his film and relize that !

I'm done.
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