can't we all just get along?
3 December 2002
I am a die-hard Star Wars fan (and have been since I was six when I saw the original). Yes, I have a life. No, I don't go to Star Wars conventions or spend paychecks on the toys. And I am quite stirred reading some of the prior reviews to this film from others. I do not disagree about some aspects: the dialogue is painful to hear, and Mark Hamill & Carrie Fisher actually made these actors look good (with the exception of Ewan McGregor & Samuel L. Jackson). I think George Lucas DOES need to hire back Larry Kasdan for rewrites.

But yes, this movie IS slower than your average flick you have today. I can thank M-TV, reality shows and drugs for their contribution in the reduction of attention spans in today's society. I had a 55-year-old tell me that this was boring, what does that tell you? Hello? Berkeley, anyone? Lucas keeps with the same pacing he did for "The Empire Strikes Back" in 1980. And that was a great film! I'm 30 now and I still enjoy it!

My only complaint would be the acting and the dialogue. Hayden Christiansen is not the best actor for the part, but he is certainly better than the little sh*t in the previous film. I can say that if you're a fan of flicks like "American Pie", "Loser", "Charlie's Angels", Vin Diesel and "Lethal Weapon", then skip this one. This is a film for all of those who have the kid in them- not the adolescent.
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