Out of Sight (1998)
over-rated, but not too bad....
28 June 2002
I missed "Out of Sight" when it hit the theatres in 1998, but I saw it when it came out on DVD, and I've got to say the film Academy ran out of movies to cite as "Best Original Screenplay". There wasn't a lot of elements in this film that were original, except for how the story was composed (and even that gave me deja-vus). Still, it was more enjoyable than some of the other crap that was out there, but the film was just way too over-rated. It was entertaining, yes- George Clooney reeks 'cool' wherever he goes- the characters were interesting (Don Cheadle, Albert Brooks, and Steve Zahn as the idiotic 'Glenn'.) I was slightly disappointed with Ving Rhames- one of my favorite actors and they barely gave him anything to do. It seemed like a "token black-guy/sidekick" type-role, and I'm surprised that Mr. Rhames (with the aptitude he has) didn't see that as well. It was probably the money- he's not a cheap actor. This was better than "Erin Brockovich" (over-rated as well) and "Traffic" (............). I don't think Steven Soderbergh is any more special than the Farrelly Brothers and IS NOT THE NEXT STEVEN SPIELBERG!
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