Nice little diddy
19 July 2004
Albino Alligator is a relatively short and cheap crime thriller. Still, it managed to hold my attention for its duration. The sets are simple and cheap, but they work. The film has a nice plot with a few good plot twists. I was unable to find something I didn't like about this film. However, I didn't find something I really liked either.

This film is ideal for a rainy evening when you have nothing better to do. It will certainly entertain you for an hour and a half and you will want to know what happens, but you won't stay awake at night thinking about this film. Albino Alligator is a film like there are so many: a nice little diddy, but quickly forgotten.

If this film is on and you don't have anything better to do, by all means watch. But don't rent this film. There are so many better films available.
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