Quirky, poignant, and memorable--instant favorite
12 March 1999
For those weary of shallow films bearing Hollywood gloss, Truly, Madly, Deeply offers a memorable and rewarding experience. Moving from the deeply poignant to the divinely eccentric, the film involves you in the lives (and afterlives) of people who seem much more real and engaging than most film characters. Juliet Stevenson is remarkable as the heroine who goes from mourning her lost beloved to welcoming him back, to wondering if her life is best spent with a man whose life is already over (Alan Rickman, in a subtly charming performance). Though this film is packaged as a comedy, don't expect big laughs; its humor is more of the gently whimsical school, although there are some priceless lines and scenes (ever tried to summarize your life while hopping on one foot?). The mood of the film is very different from most Hollywood offerings, so you may need to bring an open mind and some patience to appreciate it; for those who do, however, this is a richly rewarding film.
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