Superman II (1980)
what was I thinking ?
21 November 2002
Back in 1981 I was nine when I saw this film. I saw "Raiders of the Lost Ark" the day before, and I was still pumped up to see this. Good: NO. Entertaining: YES. Sequel-worthy: NO. But when I was 9, that was a whole different thing- I thought Gene Hackman was one of the worst actors around then. Ah, youth...Now that I'm 30, I bought this on DVD along with the original Superman, and this one is so hard to watch. The scenes look as if they ran out of things to say/do; the dialogue itself is painful to hear, and the pacing is so slow. Is it a tradition to show all of the characters for the first 1/2 as if they were doing a reunion film (so TV movieish)? The movie had its moments, but there were some rather silly parts to it, too. I thought one of the most moving scenes of the film was the last part where Superman/Clark Kent kisses Lois making her forget the whole mess. The dialogue there was a little better than the rest (they probably had a different writer on that part). The special effects weren't as good in parts, and they only got worse in the later flicks. All in all, this film shows its age and would be more entertaining to 12-year-olds and under (perhaps that was why my parents looked bored when they took me to see it).
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