Lonely Wives (1931)
Laura La Plante makes the film worthy
13 February 2003
While intending to be humorous, "Lonely Wives" is more laborious than anything else. It's bright spot is the beautiful, expressive Laura La Plante. Laura's scenes provide the most laughs, not surprising since of the cast, she is the actress who seems most comfortable with comedy.

Edward Everett Horton, while decent, is a bit unconvincing in the dual role, as the two characters he plays are completely alike. Often in a movie, one Horton character is irritating; here there are two, and at times it's downright excruciating!

I'd recommend seeing this movie only if you like the actors involved. It was released on DVD in 2000 from the Roan group in the worst transfer I ever saw from them. Risque elements in the film include seeing Patsy Ruth Miller, Horton's secretary, in the shower; Laura La Plante in a number of revealing outfits including her slip; and loads of sexual innuendo. All in all, I rate the film 6/10, predominantly because of Laura La Plante!
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