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Poll: Most Ridiculous Idea for a Movie Based on a Game

From this list of imaginary movies, what would be the most ridiculous idea for a movie based on a game?

These films are not animated, unless stated otherwise.

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    Pac-Man (based on a video game).

    Possible Tagline: "Do not listen to your mother, sometimes eating frequently is the only thing that might save your life."

    Genre: Comedy | Action

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    Under the Boardwalk: The Monopoly Story (2010)

    Monopoly (based on a board game).

    Possible Tagline: "You think bankruptcy is a nightmare, wait till you entering the prison for two turns. "

    Genre: Thriller

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    Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters (2011)

    Tetris (based on a video game).

    Possible Tagline: "After these things fall on you, you'll beg for rain."

    Genre: Disaster Movie

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    The Sims 2 (2004)

    The Sims (based on a video game).

    Possible Tagline: "You like the "Big Brother"? You like to spend your time on watching people doing nothing? So this is the film for you."

    Genre: Romantic Comedy

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    Community (2009)

    Table football (based on a table game)

    Possible Tagline: "They will never abandon their positions."

    Genre: Sport

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    Joel McHale in Community (2009)

    Hot lava (based on a old child game).

    Possible Tagline: "Aliens are invading Earth, one game of hot labba determine the fate of mankind."

    Genre: Science fiction

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    The Future of Pinball (2006)

    Pinball (based on a video game).

    Possible Tagline: "It's time for a spin."

    Genre: Adventure

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    Rounders (1998)

    Solitaire (based on a video game).

    Possible Tagline: "Gambling, drugs, girls, internet, alcohol, his addiction is solitaire."

    Genre: Drama

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    World Series of Backgammon (2009)

    Backgammon (based on a board game).

    Possible Tagline: "666 is a myth, the real Satan number is 66, so be careful when you throw these dice.. be very very careful!!"

    Genre: Horror | Mystery

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    Candy Land: The Great Lollipop Adventure (2005)

    Candy Crush (based on a video game).

    Possible Tagline: "Candy can do it"

    Genre: Animation

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    Snakes and Ladders (1996)

    Snakes and Ladders (based on a board game).

    Possible Tagline: Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall - Confucius.

    Genre: Action | Adventure

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    Operation (2013)

    Operation (based on a battery-operated game)

    Possible Tagline: Far from any medical service, one life depend on two Operation fans to save his life. This time it's not a game.

    Genre: Drama (Based on "true" event)

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    Rock Paper Scissors (????)

    Rock Paper Scissors (Based on a game)

    Possible Tagline: With scissor he will cut you, with rock he will stoned you and with paper he will warp you.

    Genre: Horror

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