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Poll: Greatest Pie Moments and Pie Plot Twists

PI (π) day is an annual celebration of the mathematical constant on the date of it's simplest abbreviated form 3.14. In a contrarian salute to π, we honor the other type of pie and the unexpected. Pies have been creatively used by screenwriters on television and movies going back to the silent movie era. Movies, TV and pie make an pretty interesting combination.

Which pie moment or plot twist from the movies or television is the most unexpected?

SPOILER ALERT: Poll answer recaps reveal pie related plot twists and great pie moments.

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    American Pie (1999)

    Pie Moment or Plot Twist: Virgin Jim takes his father's advice literally and Mom's freshly baked apple pie suffers the consequences as Jim satisfies himself.
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    The Help (2011)

    Pie Moment or Plot Twist: Fired maid Minny gets back at her racist former boss Hilly by baking her a chocolate pie as peace offering, then reveals it's poo filling once eaten.
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    Waitress (2007)

    Pie Moment or Plot Twist: Waitress bakes pies as an expression of her feelings: Pregnant Self-Pitying Loser Pie, Naught Pumpkin Pie, I Can't Have No Affair Because It's Wrong and I Don't Want Earl to Kill Me Pie among many others. A pie baking contest is her hope for a better life away from her unfulfilling marriage and oppressive husband.
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    Revenge of the Nerds (1984)

    Pie Moment or Plot Twist: The Tri-Lams sell pies with sorority photos on the bottom during a charity fund raising event in order to claim leadership of the Greek council and save their fraternity.
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    Stand by Me (1986)

    Pie Moment or Plot Twist: Campfire story of a bullied kid who gets back at the local townspeople by plotting and starting a chain reaction of vomiting during a pie eating contest.
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    Thinner (1996)

    Pie Moment or Plot Twist: A cursed Billy's only hope to save himself from thinning way is a strawberry pie that will transfer the curse to another. In the end, it becomes a final meal for him and his family.
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    Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007)

    Pie Moment or Plot Twist: Demon barber Sweeney Todd's victims become the main ingredients for Mrs. Lovett's tasty meat pies that she sells from her pie shop.
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    Labor Day (2013)

    Pie Moment or Plot Twist: Frank teaches Adele how to make a peach pie, á la the pottery wheel scene of Ghost, in probably the sexiest pie baking scene of cinema.
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    Inglourious Basterds (2009)

    Pie Moment or Plot Twist: A clueless Nazi Col. Hans Landa interviews Jewish Shosanna over strudel pie during a tense reunion, as she escaped his clutches in the film's opening scene. Landa further heightens the suspense by delaying it 's service until the pie is just right.
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    My Blueberry Nights (2007)

    Pie Moment or Plot Twist: Romantic and sexy blueberry pie smothered make-out scene between Jessie and Elizabeth makes pie even more desirable.
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    Blazing Saddles (1974)

    Pie Moment or Plot Twist: A brawl erupts and spills over to the studio lot ending in a hilarious pie fight scene in the studio commissary that is probably the funniest pie scene ever.
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    The Battle of the Century (1927)

    Pie Moment or Plot Twist: A watershed pie fight sequence considered to be the holy grail of lost film comedy was found in 2015; it features one of the largest pie fight scenes ever in cinema and the one pie fight scene by which all others are compared.
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    The Great Race (1965)

    Pie Moment or Plot Twist: A pie fight between the racers scene that last 5 minutes on screen and uses 2357 pies in what is probably the largest pie fight in cinema history.
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    Dawn of the Dead (1978)

    Pie Moment or Plot Twist: Pies in the zombie faces escapade scene complete with nickelodeon music adds a comedic element to the Romero's horror sequel.
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    Seinfeld (1989)

    Pie Moment or Plot Twist: Jerry goes to great lengths to find out why his new girlfriend won't share a slice of apple pie with him in the episode appropriately titled "The Pie".
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    Shane (1953)

    Pie Moment or Plot Twist: A special apple pie baked for dinner guest, Shane sets in motion a competition between Shane and Joe to see who is the better man.
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    Bugsy Malone (1976)

    Pie Moment or Plot Twist: A G rated Godfather spoof with gangsters played by kids is capped by gigantic pie fight sequence complete with pie shooting guns.
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    Men in Black 3 (2012)

    Pie Moment or Plot Twist: After Griffin escapes Agent J and Agent K hit a dead end to save the world. K announces "We need Pie". K's wise grandfather used to say pie helped clear the head. J reluctantly agrees to "get some dumb-ass pie". In the end K was right Pie was the solution needed to jump start the case.
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    Heartburn (1986)

    Pie Moment or Plot Twist: Rachael uses a cream pie to the face of philandering husband Mark as the last salvo in a failed marriage before leaving him for good.
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    Twin Peaks (1990)

    Pie Moment or Plot Twist: Special Agent Dale Cooper loves his Coffee and Cherry Pie so much at the Double R diner, that it becomes a running gag as both appear so frequently they should be listed in the credits.
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    Chicken Run (2000)

    Pie Moment or Plot Twist: Heroes Ginger and Rocky escape and destroy a villainous chicken pie making in an climatic finale.

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