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Poll: Actress Oscar Winner for Playing Someone Mentally or Physically Disabled

Of these Oscar winners for Best Actress or Supporting Actress for the role, which actress that played a character that was severely mentally or physically handicapped or disabled do you think gave the best performance?

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Note 1: This poll does not include roles where actors had a disease, such as Tom Hanks in Philadelphia. It also does not include roles where the actor suffers from drug or alcohol addiction.

Note 2: Watch for the list of actors also.

Note 3: The words used to describe the handicap or disability of the character are directly from this website. Whether or not they are "politically correct" is unimportant.

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    Marlee Matlin

    Sarah Norman in "Children of a Lesser God" (Deaf)
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    Joanne Woodward

    Eve White, Eve Black, and Jane in "The Three Faces of Eve" (Multiple Personality Disorder)
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    Jane Wyman

    Belinda McDonald in "Johnny Belinda" (Deaf/Mute)
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    Holly Hunter

    Ada McGrath in "The Piano" (Mute)
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    Patty Duke

    Helen Keller in "The Miracle Worker" (Blind/Deaf)
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    Anne Bancroft

    Annie Sullivan in "The Miracle Worker" (Blind)

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