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Poll: Actors Who Go by Their Nicknames

The following actors are credited by their nicknames, but we're not just talking about Bill for William or Jenny for Jennifer, or going by a middle name. These nicknames go a step further and were bestowed as children or young adults.

Which of these actors' nicknames do you think is the coolest?

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* Someone using a stage name like Lady Gaga or Bono also don't qualify

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    Buster Keaton

    Born Joseph Frank Keaton - at six months he fell down a flight of stairs without being injured; after hearing of it, fellow vaudevillian Harry Houdini christened him Buster
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    Bing Crosby

    Born Harry Lillis Crosby - a friend began calling him Bing after a comic strip character named Bingo
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    Cyd Charisse

    Born Tula Ellice Finklea - as a child her brother couldn't say sister; it just came out as Sid and she changed the spelling when she started performing
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    Redd Foxx

    Born John Elroy Sanford - while Foxx is a stage name, he was called Redd as a young man due to his red hair; his friend Malcolm X even called him Chicago Red in his autobiography
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    Peter Sellers

    Born Richard Henry Sellers - before he was born, Sellers' parents had a stillborn child named Peter; his parents began calling him Peter as a child
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    Rip Torn

    Born Elmore Rual Torn, Jr. - Rip is a family name, shared by generations of men from the Torn family
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    Beau Bridges

    Born Lloyd Vernet Bridges III - his parents were reading Gone with the Wind when he was born and they quickly began calling him Beau after Ashley Wilkes' son
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    Chevy Chase

    Born Cornelius Crane Chase - his grandmother called him Chevy after an English song, The Ballad of Chevy Chase
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    Spike Lee

    Born Shelton Jackson Lee - his mother called him Spike from infancy because of his toughness
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    Judge Reinhold

    Born Edward Ernest Reinhold, Jr. - at just two weeks old, his father noticed he looked very stern, so thereafter he was called Judge
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    Skeet Ulrich

    Born Bryan Ray Trout - his Little League coach called him Skeeter after a mosquito because he was so small; Ulrich is the name of his first stepfather
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    Scoot McNairy

    Born John Marcus McNairy - his father called him Scooter starting around age two because he would scoot around on his butt
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    Miley Cyrus

    Born Destiny Hope Cyrus - her father called her Smiley as a kid; it morphed into Miley as she grew
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    Maisie Williams

    Born Margaret Constance Williams - she is called Maisie after character of the same name from The Perishers comic strip

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