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Poll: Strangest final wishes of famous people.

Celebrities are not like the rest of us. Here are some items that celebrities left in their wills that might seen a bit off the standard track. Which do you think is the most ridiculous?

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    Ciro's Nightclub Jack Benny, Mary Livingston, Sammy Davis Jr. c. 1953

    Jack Benny - arranged to have a single red rose sent to his wife Mary Livingstone every day after he was gone.
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    Marlon Brando in "Desiree" 1954 20th Century Fox

    Napoleon Bonaparte - requested his head be shaved and his hair be divided among his friends.
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    "Daniel Boone" Roosevelt Grier, Fess Parker 1969 NBC

    Jimmy Dean - asked that his remains be placed inside a $350,000 piano-shaped mausoleum with the words "Here lies one hell of a man" inscribed on it.
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    Ralph Fiennes in The Invisible Woman (2013)

    Charles Dickens - stipulated that when he died there should be no memorial to his life, save his writings.
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    Tom Wilkinson in John Adams (2008)

    Benjamin Franklin - noted that his daughter should not engage in "the expensive, vain and useless pastime of wearing jewels."
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    Ultimate Avengers (2006)

    Mark Gruenwald - requested that his ashes be mixed in with some ink and used to print the trade paperback version of Squadron Supreme.
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    Philip Seymour Hoffman at an event for The Ides of March (2011)

    Philip Seymour Hoffman - asked for his then-only child Cooper to be raised in New York City so he would be surrounded by the city's rich culture, arts and architecture. If it was not possible for Cooper to be raised in New York, Hoffman asked that his son be raised in Chicago or San Francisco - or at least visit the cities twice a year.
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    "Grim Game, The" Harry Houdini 1919 Paramount

    Harry Houdini - requested his wife conduct a seance every year so he could appear and talk to her. He also left a secret 10-digit code so she'd actually know it was his spirit and not a hoax.
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    Janis Joplin in Festival Express (2003)

    Janis Joplin - set aside $2,500 to pay for a posthumous party, "so my friends can get blasted after I'm gone."
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    Sarah Jessica Parker and Alexander McQueen

    Alexander McQueen - left $81,000 to care for his three English bull terriers.
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    1952 ©1978 Bob Willoughby

    Marilyn Monroe - left all her belongings to her acting coach, Lee Strasberg.
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    Gene Roddenberry

    Gene Roddenberry - demanded that his ashes be scattered in space.
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    William Shakespeare

    William Shakespeare - stated that his wife Anne receive his "second best bed."
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    The Best of Friends (1991)

    George Bernard Shaw - left some of his wealth to fund the creation of a new alphabet, called the Shavian alphabet, and stipulated that one of his plays be translated using it.
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    Frank Sinatra circa 1962

    Frank Sinatra - requested he be buried with a bottle of whiskey, a lighter and a dollar in change.
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    The Stevensons (2006)

    Robert Louis Stevenson - left his own birthday, November 13, to his friend, Annie H. Ide. Her real birthday fell on Christmas Day and she confided to Stevenson that she has always felt cheated out of her birthday.
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    Elizabeth Taylor "Rhapsody" publicity shot

    Elizabeth Taylor - requested her coffin should arrive 15 minutes late to her funeral.
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    Hunter S. Thompson in Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson (2008)

    Hunter S. Thompson - had his ashes fired from a 150-foot tower shaped like a two-thumbed fist holding onto a piece of peyote.
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    A TV Dante (1989)

    Publius Vergilius Maro aka Virgil - wanted The Aeneid burned because he felt he was unable to "fix what was wrong" with it.
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    Adam Yauch at an event for Alpha Dog (2006)

    Adam Yauch aka MCA - banned any use of Beastie Boys' music from being used in commercials or advertisement.

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