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Poll: The "Streep" Connection

Ever since Meryl Streep's first Oscar nomination, 66 actresses have been one of her four co-nominees in the same category, spanning an age gap of 81 years (five generations) from Katharine Hepburn to Emma Stone.

Which of the 13 actresses who were Meryl Streep's co-nominees more than once is your favorite?

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    Glenn Close

    As the only actress who's been co-nominated three times, she can be regarded as Meryl Streep's greatest rival.
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    Cate Blanchett

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    Emma Stone

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    Julianne Moore

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    Kate Winslet

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    Sandra Bullock

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    Helen Mirren

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    Judi Dench

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    Jessica Lange

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    Kathy Bates

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    Winona Ryder

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    Debra Winger

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    Jane Alexander

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