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Poll: Prophets in Their Countries, this is not a religious poll, but the title refers to the saying, "A prophet has no honor in his own country". Likewise, some filmmakers were or are not as admired at home as they are elsewhere.

Which of these directors do you find most unfairly neglected?

(Note: This poll does not include directors whose diminished domestic success is caused by state oppression)

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    Howard Hawks

    While successful as a Hollywood craftsman competent in several genres, Hawks' reputation as an important auteur was established by French directors of the Nouvelle Vague.
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    Alfred Hitchcock

    Hitchcock established himself as a prominent figure in American cinema, but it was not until young French critics and directors praised him that he was being taken seriously as an artist in the country were he attained citizenship in 1955.
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    Akira Kurosawa

    His western-influenced films made him the most accessible Japanese director to American audiences; for the same reason he was deemed "not Japanese enough" at home, where his career suffered commercially and critically.
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    Nicholas Ray

    Ray's most popular film, "Rebel Without a Cause", was dominated by its star James Dean, but his smaller works were redeemed by young directors and critics from Europe (especially France).
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    Jerry Lewis

    Considered a lowbrow comedian in America, he is more revered in France. Jean-Luc Godard praised his movies as being better than Charlie Chaplin's.
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    John Cassavetes

    In the United States, Cassavetes was more well-known for his acting roles in genre films, which financed his directorial works. His artistic independence made him an outsider in Hollywood but was better understood in Europe.
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    Werner Herzog

    Among and by his contemporaries, Herzog was rejected and seen either as too apolitical, or even as a reactionary. Neither did he enjoy commercial success in Germany, even when "Aguirre, the Wrath of God" became an international cult hit.
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    Takeshi Kitano

    The Japanese know him as a fast-talking and silly comedian, while international audiences are perhaps more familiar with him as a stoic actor and director of ambitious films.

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