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Poll: Greatest SNL cast member ever (1985-1989)

Saturday Night Live (1975) is beginning its 40th season at the end of September. This is a group of polls to determine the greatest SNL cast member ever. Each poll will include cast members from a five-year time period (if a cast member's tenure ran over two or more periods I will put them in the one with the most years they appeared in). The top three of each of these polls will then go against each other in a mega poll to determine the single greatest SNL cast member ever (full repertory members only, no featured players).

Who is the greatest SNL cast member from 1985-1989 (based on their performances on SNL only)?

Discuss the list here

Click here to vote for the greatest SNL cast member 1975-1979 Click here to vote for the greatest SNL cast member 1980-1984 Click here to vote for the greatest SNL cast member 1990-1994 Click here to vote for the greatest SNL cast member 1995-1999 Click here to vote for the greatest SNL cast member 2000-2004 Click here to vote for the greatest SNL cast member 2005-2009 Click here to vote for the greatest SNL cast member 2010-2014

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Results of 827 votes:

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    Dana Carvey

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