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Poll: Your Favorite Blacklisted Hollywood Star

On Thanksgiving, the movie Trumbo, starring Bryan Cranston, opens nationally in the U.S. The film tells the story of Dalton Trumbo, who was Hollywood's top screenwriter in the 1940's until he was jailed and blacklisted for his political beliefs. Trumbo was only one of hundreds, however, on Hollywood's blacklist during the American "Red Scare" era, including the following stars. Which of these blacklisted artists is your favorite?

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    Eddie Albert

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    Harry Belafonte

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    Leonard Bernstein

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    Lloyd Bridges

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    Luis Buñuel

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    Charles Chaplin

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    Lee J. Cobb

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    Ossie Davis

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    Ruby Dee

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    José Ferrer

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    John Garfield

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    Will Geer

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    Ruth Gordon

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    Lee Grant

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    Judy Holliday

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    Lena Horne

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    Burl Ives

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    Burgess Meredith

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    Arthur Miller

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    Zero Mostel

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    Edward G. Robinson

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    Dalton Trumbo

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    Orson Welles

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