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Poll: 2018 Oscar Rookies

Congratulations to the Oscar rookies - there are a ton of you this year, signaling a new era in Hollywood and beyond. With forty percent of the major category nominations given to first-time nominees, this is bound to be a record breaking year.

Which nomination are you most thrilled by?

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    Timothée Chalamet

    Lead Actor - Call Me by Your Name
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    Daniel Kaluuya

    Lead Actor - Get Out
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    Margot Robbie

    Lead Actress - I, Tonya
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    Sam Rockwell

    Supporting Actor - Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
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    Mary J. Blige

    Supporting Actress - Mudbound
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    Allison Janney

    Supporting Actress - I, Tonya
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    Lesley Manville

    Supporting Actress - Phantom Thread
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    Laurie Metcalf

    Supporting Actress - Lady Bird
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    Greta Gerwig

    Director and writer - Lady Bird - fifth woman ever nominated
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    Jordan Peele

    Director, writer and producer - Get Out - fifth African-American ever nominated

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