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Poll: Happy Birthday Yasujirô Ozu!

Yasujirô Ozu would have been 112 on December 12, 2015.

He is regarded by many as the finest film director of all time. His films, which tend to portray the subtle conflict between traditional Japanese culture and contemporary modern values, are made in an elegant, restrained, formalist style that belie the emotional intensity they convey, The following is a list of the 35 Most Popular Feature Film Titles made by Yasujirô Ozu, Which one is your favorite? If you haven't seen any then which one would you most like to watch?

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    Tokyo Story (1953)

    An old couple visit their children and grandchildren in the city; but the children have little time for them.
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    Late Spring (1949)

    Noriko is twenty-seven years old and still living with her widowed father. Everybody tries to talk her into marrying, but Noriko wants to stay at home caring for her father.
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    An Autumn Afternoon (1962)

    An aging widower arranges a marriage for his only daughter.
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    Equinox Flower (1958)

    A businessman clashes with his elder daughter over her choice of a husband.
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    Early Summer (1951)

    A family chooses a match for their daughter Noriko, but she, surprisingly, has her own plans.
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    Floating Weeds (1959)

    The head of a Japanese theatre troupe returns to a small coastal town where he left a son who thinks he is his uncle, and tries to make up for the lost time, but his current mistress grows jealous.
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    Good Morning (1959)

    Two boys begin a silence strike to press their parents into buying them a television set.
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    Late Autumn (1960)

    A widow tries to marry off her daughter with the help of her late husband's three friends.
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    The End of Summer (1961)

    The family of an older man who runs a small sake brewery become concerned with his finances and his health after they discover him visiting an old mistress from his youth.
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    I Was Born, But... (1932)

    Two young brothers become the leaders of a gang of kids in their neighborhood. Their father is an office clerk who tries for advancement by playing up his boss. When the boys visit the boss' house with their father, they discover that their dad has been making a fool of himself to please his boss, who's son is an outwitted member of the boys' gang. The brothers' revolt claiming that hierarchy should be based on ability, not on social background. Ozu's charming film is a social satire that draws from the antics of childhood as well as the tragedy of maturity.
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    Early Spring (1956)

    A young man and his wife struggle within the confines of their passionless relationship while he has an extramarital romance.
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    The Only Son (1936)

    In 1923, in the province of Shinshu, the widow and simple worker of a silk factory Tsune Nonomiya (O-Tsune) decides to send her only son to Tokyo for having a better education. Thirteen years later, she visits her son Ryosuke Nonomiya (Shinichi Himori), and finds that he is a poor and frustrated night-school teacher with a wife, Sugiko (Yoshiko Tsubouchi), and a baby boy.
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    Tokyo Twilight (1957)

    Two sisters find out the existence of their long-lost mother, but the younger cannot take the truth of being abandoned as a child.
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    There Was a Father (1942)

    Shuhei Horikawa, a poor schoolteacher, struggles to raise his son Ryohei by himself, despite neither money nor prospects.
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    A Story of Floating Weeds (1934)

    A kabuki actor's mistress hatches a jealous plot to bring down her lover's son.
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    The Flavor of Green Tea Over Rice (1952)

    A childless middle-aged couple faces a marital crisis of sorts.
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    A Hen in the Wind (1948)

    A man returns from World War II to find his desperate wife has resorted to one night of prostitution to pay for their son's hospital bills.
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    Tokyo Chorus (1931)

    A married Tokyo man faces unemployment after standing up for an older colleague.
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    The Munekata Sisters (1950)

    Setsuko is unhappily to Mimura, an engineer with no job and a bad drinking habit. She had always been in love with Hiroshi but both of them failed to propose when Hiroshi left for France a few years ago. Now he is back and Mariko (Setsuko's sister) tries to reunite them. She too is secretly in love with Hiroshi.
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    Record of a Tenement Gentleman (1947)

    In post-war Japan, a man brings a lost boy to his tenement. No one wants to take the child for even one night; finally, a sour widow, Tané, does. The next day, complaining, she takes the boy to his neighborhood and finds his father has gone to Tokyo; it seems the boy has been abandoned.
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    Woman of Tokyo (1933)

    Ryoichi and Chikako are brother and sister. They live together. Chikako works during the day in a office and at night she prostitutes herself to fund her brother studies in univesity. Ryoichi doesn't know about his sister's secret life but he is dating Harue whose brother is a policeman.
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    What Did the Lady Forget? (1937)

    An affluent medical professor, Komiya, and his bossy wife, Tokio, are to look after Setsuko, their high-spirited niece from Osaka. Setsuko is a liberated woman who does what she wants, including smoking, even though she is a minor. On Saturday, the professor does not feel like going to his weekend golf game, but his wife packs him off anyway.
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    Passing Fancy (1933)

    Two Tokyo co-workers come across a destitute young lady in search of a place to live.
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    The Brothers and Sisters of the Toda Family (1941)

    When the patriarch of the Toda family suddenly dies, his widow discovers that he has left her with nothing but debt and married children who are unwilling to support her--except for her most thoughtful son, just returned from China.
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    That Night's Wife (1930)

    A desperate man with a sick daughter decides to commit a robbery in order to help her. He begins to feel remorse though, which makes him question his decision.
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    An Inn in Tokyo (1935)

    Unemployed Kihachi and his two sons struggle to make ends meet. But that doesn't keep Kihachi from wooing single mother Otaka.
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    Walk Cheerfully (1930)

    Kenji is a small thief who likes drinking and fighting. When he falls in love with sweet and simple Yazue, and she finds out what kind of guy he really is, she leaves him 'until he becomes an honest person'. But it is not easy to get rid of one's past...
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    Where Now Are the Dreams of Youth (1932)

    When a young man inherits his father's lucrative business, he cheats the system to set up three of his college friends with jobs.
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    Dragnet Girl (1933)

    A gangster tries to find redemption with the inadvertent help of an innocent shop girl and his jealous girlfriend will do anything to keep him.
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    Days of Youth (1929)

    Two friends try and court the same woman.
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    Blade of Penitence (1927)

    Ishimatsu is out of jail and wants to rebuild his life. But his brother, Sakichi, and his old partners are not going to allow it.
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    Bloody Spear at Mount Fuji (1955)

    A samurai travels to Edo with his two servants. On their way, they meet many people and encounter great injustice.
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    I Flunked, But... (1930)

    A story of a college student (Tatsuo Saitô) and his schoolmates trying to pass the exams by cheating.
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    A Mother Should Be Loved (1934)

    Two half-brothers try to cope with the loss of their father.
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    The Lady and the Beard (1931)

    A bearded kendo champion has difficulties in life because of his conservative ways and his unusual beard.

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