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Poll: Casting for Nathan Drake

With the announcement that Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (2007) will get the movie treatment in Uncharted (2020), the next thing to think about is who is going to play the iconic Nathan Drake. Which actor below should receive that honor?

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    Jensen Ackles

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    Matt Bomer

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    Scott Eastwood

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    Ben Barnes

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    Brett Dalton

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    Robbie Amell

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    Tyler Posey

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    Colton Haynes

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    Pedro Pascal

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    Charlie Cox

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    Oscar Isaac

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    Bradley Cooper

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    Brandon Routh

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    Nolan North

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    James Roday

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    Nathan Fillion

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    Armie Hammer

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    Joe Flanigan

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    Mark Wahlberg

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    James Wolk

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    Sam Claflin

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    Jeremy Renner

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    Theo James

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    Liam Hemsworth

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    Tyler Hoechlin

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    Gerard Butler

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    Antony Starr

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    Chris Pratt

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