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Poll: Oscars Not So White Anymore

Which of the 2017 Oscar nominations that honor diversity pleased you the most?

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    Mahershala Ali

    Best Supporting Actor
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    Viola Davis

    Best Supporting Actress
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    Ava DuVernay

    (along with Ezra Edelman): 1st African-Americans nominated for Best Documentary Feature
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    Naomie Harris

    Best Supporting Actress
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    Barry Jenkins

    Best Director
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    Joi McMillon

    1st African-American to be nominated for Best Editing since Hugh A. Robertson for Midnight Cowboy
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    Ruth Negga

    Best Actress
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    Dev Patel

    Best Supporting Actor
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    Octavia Spencer

    Best Supporting Actress
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    Denzel Washington

    Best Actor
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    Bradford Young

    1st African-American nominated for Best Cinematography

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