Late Night Classics – Creepshow 2

Anthologies were a dime a dozen in the 1980′s. Whether is was smaller mediums like television [Amazing Stories, Monsters] to theatrical flicks [Cat's Eye, Deadtime Stories], the idea of several mini-films for the price of one was something horror fans were craving, although the general public could care less, which would explain why there has never been a box-office smash from the configuration.

In 1982, best-selling author Stephen King and zombie guru George A. Romero teamed up for their love letter to EC Comics’ Tales from the Crypt with the impeccable Creepshow. What they pulled off is quite remarkable considering the biggest drawback of the vignette format is you usually have a few stinker segments to go with the winners; it is the law of averages. This was not the case here as Romero, working from King’s screenplay, weaved together ordinary situations and gave them an ironic and gruesome twist. Unfortunately, at the time, Creepshow was buried
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