‘Locke and Key’ Star Laysla De Oliveira on the Logistical Nightmare of Filming With Actual Locks and Keys

  • The Wrap
(Warning: This post contains mild spoilers for Netflix’s “Locke & Key.”)

Laysla De Oliveira’s “Locke & Key” character, Dodge, was in possession of the Locke family’s Anywhere Key for the better part of the 10-episode first season of the Netflix fantasy series.

And while viewers of the final product got to see the demon look pretty damn cool each time she seamlessly put that magical key in a lock and entered a door in one location only to step through and exit out into a completely different one, De Oliveira spoke to TheWrap about the logistical difficulties viewers didn’t get to see, when it comes to using actual keys to open actual locks.

“So they put a green screen or blue screen with a little bit of space for you to walk through it and then you do the same thing on the other side and
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