Home Entertainment: ‘Black and Blue’ digital review

Home Entertainment: ‘Black and Blue’ digital review
Naomie Harris shines in this otherwise run of the mill, though occasionally enjoyable corrupt police drama/thriller from Deon Taylor (The Intruder).

Alicia (Harris) is a rookie cop, new to the New Orleans police department, who, on an impromptu night shift on one of her first days on the job, captures the brutal execution of a drug dealer on her body cam – the murder carried out by a Narc, an official narcotics agent. Alicia manages to escape after being shot at, and what follows is 100 minutes of a cat and mouse chase as the rookie attempts to get the cam’s hard drive back to the police department, and to safety.

Frank Grillo’s cop gone bad Terry Malone immediately frames Alicia for the murder of the dealer and manages to get a price put on her head.

Also along for the ride is Tyrese Gibson, here playing a local supermarket worker,
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