Hulu's High Fidelity: Rob's 10 Most Relatable Dating/Relationship Moments

Hulu's High Fidelity is a reboot of the John Cusack film (2000) based on the Nick Hornby novel (1995) of the same name. Hulu gives the series a gender-bending twist. Instead of a guy trying to make sense of his disastrous love life, the honor goes to Robyn "Rob" Brooks (Zoë Kravitz) who does a deep dive into her romantic past to figure out why she's destined to end up alone

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Kravitz, who inherited both of her parents' chill sex appeal, decides to embark on a vision quest that involves figuring out her intimacy issues by revisiting her five biggest heartbreaks. High Fidelity explores the complexities of love and dating, appealing to anyone who has ever dealt with the crushing blows and the euphoric highs of singledom. Here are Rob's 10 most relatable dating/relationship moments.
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