Steven Universe: 10 Best Songs In The Series, Ranked

Cartoon Network has had many good shows, but Steven Universe is certainly among the elite tier of cartoons. The show has gained a massive (somewhat rabid) fanbase, a movie, and a limited sequel series. And for good reason. The show's messages, characters, themes, and storylines are all intricately crafted, and while at times it's messy, it's never wholly unsatisfying. Likewise, it is a landmark cartoon for Lgbtq representation, in that the characters' identities and orientations are critical to the show, influencing their decisions and who they are. It goes beyond surface-level representation or a cheap twist. It's not something that can be wiped away or avoided, it's an integral part of the show at every step.

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Among the best things the production has to offer is another integral part of the show: its music. Rebecca Sugar has many talents, music composition among them (as seen
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