Movie Icons Visit Walmart in Cameo-Packed Super Bowl Commercial

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Walmart has some friends in high places and a lot of money. The shopping chain brought out the big guns with Star Wars, Toy Story, Bill & Ted, Sam Jones as Flash Gordon, and more for their massive Super Bowl commercial. It's ridiculous how much pop culture is stuffed into the 60-second ad and dizzying to think of how much money they must have had to shell out in order to get this thing done with all of the characters and voices coming together.

Jim Jones as Flash Gordon is going to be enough for a lot of people to get excited about Walmart's Super Bowl commercial, which is titled Famous Visitors. But there is plenty to look at here. Alex Winter shows up in the iconic phonebooth from the Bill & Ted franchise. Winter is back as the current Bill S. Preston Esquire, alongside a younger version of himself to pick
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