“Jai Mummy Di Is A Far Smarter Romcom Than It Seems” – A Subhash K Jha Review

Jai Mummy Di

Starring Sunny Singh, Sonnalli Seygall, Poonam Dhillon, Supriya Pathak

Written & Directed by Navjot Gulati

The good newzz (excuse my sloppy spelling) is that there is a romcom far funnier than the recent overrated Good Newzz. In many sections of Jai Mummy Di, the deftly cut sharply written comedy I found myself laughing so hard I thought my sides would split.

Take this. Our hangdog-faced hero Puneet finds a ingenious formula to get rid of the hyper woman(a cousin to Yami Gautam in Bala) he’s being forced to marry.

He tells her he is gay.

Bride-to-be refuses to believe her husband-to-be. “You can’t be gay. Have you ever worn V-necked t-shirts?”

Then she kisses him ….errr… hard. “If one kiss does this to you imagine what more would do,” she giggles and dismisses his homosexual act, as Puneet stares helplessly at his giveaway evidence.

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