Rob Delaney: 'My kids still see me as the guy who won't let them drink coke at breakfast'

Ahead of his new standup show, the Catastrophe star discusses returning to comedy after tragedy, defending the NHS and becoming a better dad

Rob Delaney is on a canoe, sailing down the North American waterways with a massive lump of cheese in his mouth. Not literally; that would be a weird place to do an interview. But in his head he’s there now, reminiscing about a pivotal point in his life. “It was 25 years ago. And the friend I was with took out his cheese and a knife, sliced off a piece and gave me some. I remember saying: ‘Man, this is good,’ and he said: ‘Yeah, food tastes better when you share it.’” It was in that moment that Delaney believes his core principles were formed. “I don’t even remember his name,” he laughs. “He’s just Canoe Cheese Man to me.”

And yet Delaney is reminded
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