Russia's Invasion Brings More Terror to the Skies in this Trailer

Invasion is a Russian language title. A sequel to the 2017 film Attraction, Invasion follows up with an alien invasion. Taking place three years after the first film, this time a spaceship has crash landed in Chertanovo. As well, a woman has made contact with alien technology, making her a valuable part of Earth's resistance. Invasion has released in Russia this month. Recently, a Spanish language trailer has been released for this title and it can be found below. The Chilean trailer has been dubbed in Spanish and offers Spanish subtitles (of course). Some of the dialogue mentions an "alien return," "help with our brothers," "first contact," and "a catastrophe which has effected the world." This film fan's Spanish is still improving and viewers will be able to make out many of the comments on their own. However, Invasion looks like a near direct sequel to the former film, with lots
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