Film Review: Only She Knows (1960) by Osamu Takahashi

Directed by Osamu Takahashi (assistant director to Yasujiro Ozu in “Tokyo Story”), “Only She Knows” mixes detective story with a melodrama in an interesting film noir style that runs at a mere 63 minutes.

“Only She Knows” screened at Japan Society

There is a murderer and rapist on the loose in the 1960s Tokyo, and the events are spanned over a couple of weeks in Christmas- and New Years’- time. Sugi (Fumio Watanabe) and Natsuyama (an Ozu regular Chishu Ryu) are the two police detectives chasing the criminal. He strikes at random women every four days, leaving no traces or clues for the police. Yet, the protagonists have one more thing in common – Sugi dates Natsuyama’s daughter Ayako, who becomes the next victim of the rapist. Although she survives the attack, her honour is still tarnished.

The strict moral code prohibits Ayako from telling about the event to her father or boyfriend.
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