Deadwater Fell review – it's the new Broadchurch ... but more irresistible

David Tennant stars in this moving, compelling crime drama as a doctor who becomes prime suspect when his wife and children die in a fire

Deadwater Fell (Channel 4) is basically Broadchurch in Scotland. David Tennant is a doctor rather than a policeman, and at the centre of a crime rather than investigating it, and he’s letting his freckles show, but switch your mind to its Broadchurch setting and you will not be disappointed. You may even rejoice that, possibly alone among all things in this bleak and benighted year of no apparent Lord at all 2020, the Tennant TV imprimatur continues to deliver what we need. And, I hope, in a way that also continues to fund his theatrical career to deliver what he needs in the way of more creative challenges. I seek win-win situations these days with the mad desperation of a starving pig snouting for truffles in a barren landscape.
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