Netflix Added A Ton Of Great Horror Movies Today For 2020

New year, and a host of new Netflix additions to match.

While subscribers are currently mourning the loss of Friends – after going dark today, January 1st, the beloved sitcom won’t be available until HBO Max arrives in May – Netflix has today rolled out a bevy of fresh TV shows and movies to keep us entertained, including some truly unmissable horror properties.

From Event Horizon to Cloverfield, The Amityville Horror to the Tremors franchise, Netflix’s horror category has officially been restocked. There’s plenty to choose from, too, including the 2002 rendition of The Ring, which only makes us long for a competent retelling of the Japanese horror legend to right the wrongs of Rings (2017). At least we have the upcoming Grudge reboot to look forward to on Friday (or January 24th if you happen to be located in the United Kingdom).

Per What’s on Netflix, here’s the comprehensive list of new additions,
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