Shazam Takes on Black Adam and the Seven Deadly Sins

Jim Dandy Dec 16, 2019

Billy Batson rounds out the Shazam Family for his battle with Black Adam and the Deadly Sins.

Shazam is turning in one of my favorite villain team ups of all time. I can think of other rogues galleries that might make me lose my mind harder, but pound for pound, putting the Seven Deadly Sins, Dr. Sivana, Mr. Mind, and Black Adam on the same page is almost guaranteed to make me excited.

Dr. Sivana is pretty much my ideal mad scientist. He’s as arrogant as any other villain in comics, and when that’s done well, it’s perfection. If you peel away Sivana’s self regard, he can actually be a pretty capable villain, but his ridiculously high opinion of himself always gets in the way and leads to his defeat.

Black Adam is surprisingly one of my favorite characters in all of comics because of his versatility.
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