Who Votes for the Golden Globes? A Hollywood Foreign Press Association Explainer

  • Variety
Each year, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association hands out Golden Globe Awards to the top movies and TV shows of the year. While the Oscars are voted on by thousands of members of the motion picture industry, those who vote on the Golden Globes awards are much less well known. Here’s a Faq on just what the Golden Globes are and who votes on them.

What are the Golden Globes and when did they start?

The Golden Globe Awards are voted on by members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. The organization has been honoring films since 1943; they added the prizes for television starting in 1961.

Who is in the HFPA, and how do you become a member?

The HFPA consists of Southern California-based journalists who cover Hollywood for news outlets in 55 countries, including nations in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. The membership has remained
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