Daniel Rezende on Netflix Brazilian Series ‘Nobody’s Looking’

  • Variety
Having premiered on Netflix Nov. 22, “Nobody’s Looking” marks the first collaboration between Gullane and Netflix – their second, “Boca a Boca” is in development- and comes from a long list of new projects that the streaming giant has announced with it’s $87 Million investment in Brazilian content.

The series embodies the streaming platform’s push into regional production: High concept and higher production values that aim for an international appeal without losing a sense of regional identity.

It depicts a bureaucratic organization of guardian angels in which the uniformed “angelus” invisibly protects humans beings, always following the rules of an absent Boss. With the arrival of Uli (Victor Lamoglia), a new “angelus” that starts questioning the established rules, the whole system slowly sinks into crisis as the series joyfully plays with consequences and the interactions between humans and angels.

The eight-episode series was created by Daniel Rezende, Carolina Markowicz and Teodoro Poppovic.
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