TV Review: ‘Truth Be Told’

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TV Review: ‘Truth Be Told’
On “Truth Be Told,” Apple TV Plus’s new drama about a true-crime reporter reinvestigating a case she may have gotten wrong, there’s a moment of confrontation in an early episode. Face to face with a man she believes may be hiding information from her, Octavia Spencer stares him down until he’s forced to ask “What do you want?” Her reply? “You. On my podcast.”

This is as good a summation of Poppy Parnell, a character whose podcast is her life even as, were she only slightly less heedlessly self-possessed, it might be her undoing. Years ago, Poppy’s investigation of a murder of a father of twins, helped color the public mood towards young Warren Cave, whom she reported to be the killer and who was convicted and imprisoned; now, acknowledging that her work may have been flawed, Poppy’s reopened her own case and is rereporting the story weekly.
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