Review: Little Monsters (2019)

At this point what haven’t we seen done onscreen with zombies? We’ve seen zombies in shopping malls. We’ve seen zombies face off against cockneys. We’ve seen Jane Austen mixed with zombies. We’ve seen zombie radio waves. We’ve even seen zombie beavers! So, what’s next? Well, in this case, an Australian school field trip to an animal farm…with zombies!

The plot centres on washed up musician Dave (Alexander England), whose romantic life has fallen apart and one day when picking up his nephew from kindergarten he sees a chance at a fresh start in vibrant and beloved teacher Miss Caroline (Lupita Nyong’o) and soon manages to land himself a place on the upcoming field trip. Naturally things go south, when a nearby U.S. Testing Facility unleashes the wrath of the undead and Dave and Miss Caroline must do what they can to
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