‘Mad About You’ Review: Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt’s Revival Only Works in a Parallel Universe

In a twist befitting its distributor’s limited audience, Spectrum’s “Mad About You” revival only works if you really want to see it. Picking up two years before the original NBC series finale’s flash-forward ending, the new episodes rewrite history a little bit: Paul (Paul Reiser) and Jamie (Helen Hunt) are still married, and their only daughter, Mabel (Abby Quinn), is leaving for college when the limited series starts up. In the finale, she was a full-grown adult filmmaker by 2021, not a junior at NYU. By then, her parents had separated, and she devised a scheme to bring them back together.

The revival’s showrunner and head writer, Peter Tolan, has said they’re pretending like the flashforward from the last NBC episode “didn’t happen.” But arguably the only way the revived “Mad About You” proves worthwhile is if viewers believe the new episodes are headed to that preset destination: Splitsville,
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