‘The Mandalorian,’ Baby Yoda, Boba Fett (And Elvis?) In Hero Nation index

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This week’s edition of the Hero Nation Index features a look at the glorious present and the odious past of Lucasfilm’s live-action Star Wars storytelling on television.

Meet Baby Yoda: The Mandolorian spearheaded the massive launch of Disney+ but the new franchise’s Mvp performance for Disney’s Lucasfilm doesn’t end there. The series will deliver a major retail boom for the holidays by introducing the too-cute-to-resist toy of the holiday season. The little green guy has been dubbed “Baby Yoda” by fans because, well, he looks like Yoda and he’s a baby, but the little sweet pea’s true identity is actually a bit of a mystery. Is he Yoda’s child? Or perhaps a clone or regenerated version of the dead Jedi Master? Or (most likely of all) a young member of Yoda’s still-mysterious race? Time will tell but, judging by the reaction of Star Wars fans,
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