Christian Bale Turned Down Batman 4

David Crow Nov 18, 2019

Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan were apparently offered a fourth Dark Knight film, which they walked away from.

Batman has changed a lot on the big screen in the last decade. Just eight years ago, we were all breathlessly anticipating Christian Bale’s final outing in The Dark Knight Rises, which was promised to be the “end of the legend.” Even so, we’ve seen the character rebooted twice since then, with Robert Pattinson’s latest take in Matt Reeves’ The Batman leaving fans salivating.

Still, there is a real love for Bale’s Batman and the Christopher Nolan trilogy he inhabited. While there’ve seen two movies featuring the character since then, neither had the critical acclaim or the $1 billion box office Rises had in 2012. And as it turns out, Warner Bros. was very aware of how hard it would be to erase that memory, even
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