Keeping his word by Anne-Katrin Titze

Michael Apted with Anne-Katrin Titze at BritBox in New York on Granada TV head Denis Forman and a World in Action show leading to 7 Plus Seven, 21 Up, 28 Up, 35 Up, 42 Up, 49 Up, 56 Up, and 63 Up: “He said ‘Have you ever thought of going back to see these people?’ I said ‘That's an extremely good idea.’ It was so obvious that we were on to something.” Photo: Vince Johnson

At the Critics Choice Documentary Awards on Sunday, at Bric in Brooklyn, Michael Apted, the director of Gorillas In The Mist; Coal Miner's Daughter; The World Is Not Enough (Pierce Brosnan as James Bond); Enigma; Gorky Park; Extreme Measures, and Amazing Grace received a Landmark Award for his Up series of TV documentaries.

Sissy Spacek won an Oscar as Loretta Lynn in Michael Apted’s Coal Miner's Daughter

Michael Apted at BritBox in New York gave me some insight on the evolution
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