Monday Night Football Cat Is How We Watch Sports on TV Now

It’s hard to know exactly why football has had such a stranglehold on the public consciousness over the past few decades, but it would be a lot easier to figure out if there were always cats on the field.

Last night’s Monday Night Football game will be quickly lost to fans outside the Nfc East, but what will likely live on in future years will be the fact that, with five minutes to go in the 2nd quarter of a Cowboys-Giants game, a black cat scampered on the field.

Radio announcer Kevin Harlan’s 45-second call of the action spread like wildfire through social media, and deservedly so. Harlan’s just the best. (It would be easy to pinpoint this as a career highlight for him if he wasn’t already responsible for two of the best non-sports sports moments of the last few years: narrating
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