Ranking The Films Of Kevin Smith Post “Jay And Silent Bob Reboot”

Last week, Kevin Smith released Jay and Silent Bob Reboot as a two night special through Fathom Events. The movie is a lot of fun and very much in the wheelhouse of Smith fans. To celebrate that release, as well as the upcoming further unveiling of the film through a Roadshow style release, complete with Smith Q&a’s after, I’m going to be updating my list of the filmmaker’s best work to date. This flick is another quality effort of his, though really just meant for the fans, as well as Smith himself. Still, if you get a chance to check it out, it’s well worth your time… The film is, obviously, a sequel to Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, while being a bit of a rebook/remake as well. In fact, it’s also a satire of how Hollywood reboots all intellectual property these days.
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